Solar power plants and renewable energy sources

We design and construction solar power plants and we will be happy to take part in making your solar power.
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Inverter i panel

Standalone mounts

On standalone structure with base of concrete set vertically to 4 types of solar panels, the length is not limited.

The construction is performed using galvanized iron girders and aluminum panel mounts.

Our partners will install your solar power plant.

Roof mounts

We mount Aluminum mounts on all types of roofs, roof remains intact and watertight.

The most cost-effective solar power plants are 10kw - 30kw on roofs of houses and commercial buildings for more subsidized prices.

On stock (10º-45º):

Power plant 10KW = 1.500,00 EUR + PDV
Power plant 30KW = 4.500,00 EUR + PDV

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